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Drivers & Software

Journeyman III

AWFUL drivers for rx 550

I know, I know, the rx 550 is a really bad card to begin with. And I also know that not a lot of people have an rx 550 still. I am currently waiting to upgrade until the gpu situation gets better. Knowing all of this, the drivers and software for the rx 550 is unacceptable. To start things off, every time I reboot or restart my computer I have to go in and manually set the fans to run so that the card doesnt completely kill itself. That is the worst issue, and I just cannot understand why in the world AMD thiunks it is a good idea to have fans be unuseable unless you turn them on in the software. If someone unexperienced in tech bought this card, they would either be too scared, or not know enough to go in and put everything from automatic, which they will most likely assume is the best for the card, to manual, which they may think could break the card. I understand setting them to not turn on until the card gets hot, but not turn on at all unless changed?! That is completely ridiculous. It is ridiculous by itself that zero rpm is even an option that you can turn on. Turning on zero rpm and doing anything except sitting on windows home screen will make the card start to get very hot, and the few times I have forgotten to change it while playing games, my whole computer crashed. That brings me to my second issue. About every other driver update or so playing games just will not work. The screen will always go black on all my games, and say DX 11 is needed to play this game. I revert it back to an older driver and then no issues whatsoever. I feel like if half the driver updates harm the useability of the card, just skip them. I think it is just ridiculous how careless AMD was when making these drivers and software. I have a ryzen 7 2700x cpu and have only wonderful things to say about it. I love my AMD cpu and I would like to give AMD another chance with the 6800xt, I just don't know whether that is supported any better. If anyone else has had similiar issues and has found a fix, or anyone has any input, that would be welcome.

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