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Availability of dark and light themes

Despite few years have passed since the change from CCC to the current radeon panel, i still prefer light over dark themes everywhere, just like CCC had which was far better visually and structured. Dark theme is nice in some cases, but still, white letters often appear blurry or misaligned, issues that never occur with classic light themes in any software. What i ask from AMD here, is to provide an option to switch to light theme and enforce the use of dark for all. I know you can't think more than 5-10mins in there that's why we constantly have to ask from you the obvious for several details concerning your software.

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light and dark themes are in the settings and personalization


Nope..all are versions of dark...or some strange strawberry color.

This is "Yellow"...


there are more options in the windows settings => personalization and there are many more available online


Ahhh...he is talking about the Wattman colors....and he is right

kingfish wrote:

Ahhh...he is talking about the Wattman colors....and he is right

AMD's colors are more to blend into whatever the background is.

99% do not mess with the AMD colors and spend more time with RGB lighting for their rigs


Well the 1% that does mess with it has a question....and I don't see any answers...just your opinion.

I grabbed one of the AMD RGB fans and plugged into a port on my motherboard.

I have it set to change color as it warms up. It adds some color to the box.

Obviously the OP is not happy with the UI design of the current Radeon drivers. Line up of gripes over that.


"Obviously the OP is not happy with the UI design of the current Radeon drivers. Line up of gripes over that."


Are you a mind reader or something?

I don't think the OP complained about the interface in any way.

Your reply to the OP is very insensitive and frankly not called for.

We are here to help other users if we can, not to chastise those we don't agree with. 

I can tell you that I switch any software that has the ability to brightest highest contrast setting I can.

Windows has a high contrast theme for those who have rare vision disorders. Low contrast sensitivity can be a symptom of certain eye conditions or diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma or diabetic retinopathy.

A person I know with cataracts is affected such contrast makes no difference. A lens transplant has restored vision.


Bingo! Mark the thread answered! All the poster has to do is get a lens implant!

Thanks again for your sharp insight...

Yes, many people have vision issues ranging from color blindness, and that varies as to what colors they can and can't se person to person. Color blindness is way more than 1% of the population especially in men. Then you have simple vision issues, to more severe retinopathy (which I have and much prefer the light themes) or macular degeneration and cataracts, etc... etc... . So yes you are correct it matters for whatever the percentage of people is and they should have this simple option. 

maybe amdmatt‌ or ray_m‌ could pass this up the line. This is an excellent observation on the OP's part. 

spiros78 I apologies for the banter on your post/question..and I do sympathize...and the best way to present your question/observation to AMD would be to use this contact point > 

Good luck