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Journeyman III

Automatic selection of highest available refresh rate when gaming


I recently switch over from Nvidia to an AMD GPU (Radeon VII) and I'm in the process of getting used to the Radeon driver software package.  While I'm in the main impressed with the options, one thing which I can't seem to get working correctly is automatically setting the highest available refresh rate when selecting resolutions in-game.  I use a TV as a monitor which has a native resolution of 4K (so is limited to 60fps), however the set support up to 120hz when running at 1080p or 1440p, and I personally prefer to play at this level in some games.  On the Nvidia hardware, if I loaded up a game at 1440p it would automatically select 120hz mode automatically, which was very handy for the vast majority of titles which won't have options to set the refresh rate.  On the AMD hardware this is not how it behaves, in this case it sets 60hz (as evidenced by 60fps caps when running VSync + general feel).  I've confirmed that 120hz does indeed work by forcing it at the desktop via the Montior options menu, and also I can get it working in some titles which allow setting of the refresh rate (e.g. DiRT Rally 2.0, although interestingly this doesn't hold true for all titles as The Division 2 contains an option to select refresh rate but setting 120hz there doesn't appear to do anything as I still Vsync cap to 60fps). Does anyone know how to achieve this with the AMD software?  I've seen some posts around suggesting using the CRU application to delete the low refresh resolution entries, but I've been through that application with a fine-tooth-comb and I can't find where 2560x1440@60Hz is registered.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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