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AutoCad, resolution and graphics card.

Hello everyone.

On a laptop I have a Radeon 530 graphics card.

I use a lot of AutoCad software.

two questions.

First, is this card suitable for working with the above software?

Second thing, the software requires for optimal work and a certain resolution. I like to work with another resolution. My question is whether it is possible to define through the card a screen that when I open the software, the general or only resolution of the software will change and the rest of the time will have another resolution?

Thank you,


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You didn't mention what version of Autocad you want to use on your laptop. But here are the requirements for Autodesk Autocad: System Requirements | Autodesk Knowledge Network

This is the System Requirements for AutoCad 2018 :

This is AutoDesk AutoCad Certified AMD Graphics Cards: Certified Graphics Hardware | Autodesk Knowledge Network

Here is AMD Spec on the Radeon 530: Radeon™ 530 Modern Gaming Graphics Card | AMD


It is against AMD Forum rules to open two threads for the same exact problem: AutoCad, resolution and graphics card.​opened in "Graphics AMD Forum". amdmatt

Community Manager

I'm locking this thread, please continue your discussion on the other thread you opened.