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Drivers & Software

Journeyman III

Auto-update software & pre-existing open windows.

Not a question but a request.  Could you please look into having your auto-update process please keep track of the size and position of preexisting windows when a user does a driver upgrade using your software?  after the latest upgrade all of my windows were magically crushed into the upper right corner of one of my three monitors.

I use my PC to manage a lot of information along with the occasional bit of gaming I do, and the auto-update mad a complete mess of the 40+ different windows I had open across three different monitors.  Fixing that "upgrade" will cost me 20 to 30 minutes or more of trying to figure out which window was part of which project, and then getting all the windows resized and moved back around to the correct locations.

This kind of pain is why I rarely use vendor provided drivers and software and instead usually opt for native windows or Linux drivers.  It is also why when using your software I am tempted to NOT upgrade the driver and have my system's current screen layouts trashed.

Over the last three or so years, between my home-lab servers and the PCs I have built for the family, I am running about 12 AMD based PCs with the desktops (mostly) running AMD graphics.

The hardware has been great, but unfortunately the AMD "bundle" software has been something I have found myself trying and removing a number of times.  Please take some time to figure out how to deliver fundamental upgrade usability before adding in more features.

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