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Adept II

Auto Overclock GPU - Vega 64 - Just keeps going up then crash.

I never seem to have luck with overclocking.

When I try the auto setting I have to use GPU-Z to see what is going on because the built in performance monitoring don’t work either.

With Auto Overclock GPU on I can see the GPU speed go to like 17-18k and then crash the PC.

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Search the forums. There is tons of advice on this. If you want specific advice in this thread please supply the following information:

When posting a new question, please provide as much detail as possible describing your issue making sure to include the relevant hardware and software configuration. 

For example:

  • Issue Description: [Describe your issue in detail here]
  • Hardware: [Describe the make and model of your: Graphics Card, CPU, Motherboard, RAM, PSU, Display(s), etc.]
  • Software: [Describe version or release date of your: Operating System, Game/Application, Drivers, etc.]