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Journeyman III

audio fluctuates levels

i have 2 machines doing the same thing, though one seems to be more noticeable. first one is a 5600g with an rx580. driver is 22.5.1. while watching most anything, for example a hunting video when there's little sound aside from the wind or trees rustling, the audio cuts out, like its trying to reduce noise the way a cell phone does for noise cancelling. the audio is being passed via hdmi to my tv which has optical out to my sound bar. the tv speakers are disabled and its set to pass thru whatever audio it gets. the soundbar is an older bose unit that doesn't have any kind of adjustments on it so its not that.

second machine is a 5900x with a 6900xt. audio is straight off the board via optical to a receiver. its a 20+ year old receiver so it doesn't even have a midnight mode option to level out the audio. neither systems had this issue prior to this update, and going to the newer updates is not an option. on both systems videos will stutter quite badly, and the bigger system has bad display port sync issues so i will stick with whql drivers for now. 

i found something that mentioned something like noise cancelling in the radeon control panel but it is not an option for me. please, how do i fix this madness

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