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Adept I

ati remote wonder software

Have ati remote wonder, trying to find driver/software for windows 10 64BIT. 

Downloaded   "setup_rwplus_xp_vista,exe  (only one on the list)  install ran OK, only these  few remote buttons are recognized:

mute, number keys, arrow keys, OK=exit a program, A=mute, C=exit a program

Need to get software that will activate  pause/play button, round cursor control, right and left mouse buttons

Where to get driver version that will include these additional buttons????   Thanks,   DD in Denver 


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Last drivers were for Windows XP in 2006,same year ATI was bought out by AMD.

Revision Number
File Size
7 MB
Release Date

Thanks for confirming what I suspected,  do you know which version of XP,  Service Pack 1, 2, or 3???  The compatibility mode set up asks which of those is running.   Appreciate your help, DD Denver 


Note to Earnhardt,  I got a third party remote program (Melloware-Intelliremote) working again, now getting some duplicate images with 1 key press because part of ATI is running.    Want to shut down ATI Program, can't find it in program files or pf(x86)   Also doesn't show up in Apps and Features.

   Where is the program so I can uninstall it???     Thanks for your help,    DD in Denver


Try using Wise uninstaller to remove any traces of the driver or program. It mentions that it is still compatible with Windows XP:

If Wise Uninstaller can't find the uninstaller file you can do a "force" uninstallation by clicking on the folder or file of the program or driver.

This program is pretty good for being freeware.

EDIT: Found this website that has all the ATI Remote Wonder Drivers from Windows 8 to several versions of Windows XP if interested:

Not sure how reliable this website is though.


Tanks to elstaci for the info.   That's what I'm trying to find on the computer - "folder or file of the program or driver"  If you have any idea where it might be, will appreciate a note.  It's not in either "program files"  or the Apps and Features list.   Appreciate your help,  DD in Denver


Found this ATI Remote Wonder installation Guide (PDF) from AMD:

In the link above it mentions where the ATI Remote Wonder folder is located but not sure if it will be the same as in Windows XP:

Screenshot 2023-01-05 115200.png

NOTE: Possibly you can Unhide Files or Folder in case it is hidden in Windows XP.

This Windows XP shows you how to find Files or Folders and Hidden Files or Folders in Windows XP:

EDIT: Found this Microsoft Support that shows how to locate different Folders in both Vista and XP:

from the link above Look in XP Application Data Folder which is the same as VISTA's Program Data folder and in App Data:

Screenshot 2023-01-05 115200.pngScreenshot 2023-01-05 221209.png

Many times you will find program's data in those two above folders that were uninstalled.



Thanks for the above suggestions,  could not find anything related to ATI/RW at any of those locations - or - could not access those location.  Access denied to Docs and Settings so couldn't check that.    Any other suggestions appreciated.   DD Denver 


I do know that in Windows 10/11 hidden folders ProgramData and Appdata normally contains data that is installed on the computer that the installed app uses.

Okay I read your original post again. Are you trying to find ATI Remote Wonder driver for Windows 10 or XP?

Are you using The XP ATI Driver in Windows 10 or in Windows XP?

If you are using the ATI Remote XP Driver in Windows 10 than check in Task Manager and see if you see ATI Remote listed. If it is, right click on the file and click on "Open File Location".

You can use Wise Uninstaller to force the removal of the program.

Try using AUTORUNS by Microsoft to find out if the ATI Remote Wonder is listed or not. If it is listed than you can find the location in Windows XP or Windows 10 and use Wise Uninstaller to remove the program:

From the link above:


Simply run Autoruns and it shows you the currently configured auto-start applications as well as the full list of Registry and file system locations available for auto-start configuration. Autostart locations displayed by Autoruns include logon entries, Explorer add-ons, Internet Explorer add-ons including Browser Helper Objects (BHOs), Appinit DLLs, image hijacks, boot execute images, Winlogon notification DLLs, Windows Services and Winsock Layered Service Providers, media codecs, and more. Switch tabs to view autostarts from different categories.

To view the properties of an executable configured to run automatically, select it and use the Properties menu item or toolbar button. If Process Explorer is running and there is an active process executing the selected executable then the Process Explorer menu item in the Entry menu will open the process properties dialog box for the process executing the selected image.

Navigate to the Registry or file system location displayed or the configuration of an auto-start item by selecting the item and using the Jump to Entry menu item or toolbar button, and navigate to the location of an autostart image.





Hello again re trying to uninstall the ATI RW software.  I tried to post a reply to elstaci's detailed suggestions above last week, guess  it didn't work.  That attempted post said I tried all the suggestions above including autoruns, Wise Program Uninstaller, process explorer, etc.  nothing about RW showed up.    I'm still hoping to find the drivers or other crucial components to delete so I can use the numeric keys on the RW.   All the features I need are now running on the Melloware Intelliremote software except - the numeric keys duplicate the numbers because the ATI is still running.   Need to stop ATI RW software from running,  all suggestions appreciated.  DD in Denver 

Adept I

I tried all the suggestions above including autoruns, Wise Program Uninstaller, process explorer, etc.  nothing about RW showed up.    I'm still hoping to find the drivers or other crucial components to delete so I can use the numeric keys on the RW.   Searched entire PC for  AtiCimUn.exe and atirw.exe, they are not on computer. I did find dozens of entries for amd64_xxxxxxxxx  in the Windows SxS folder.  Two questions:

1) would deleting some/all of those kill the program???

2)If so,  I can't delete them now, keep getting error "need permission from trusted installer"   when I try to change permissions for SxS folder.  How do I get permission to cut some entries from SxS folder???

All suggestions appreciated,    DD Denver