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Journeyman III

At My Wits End with Multiple Gpu's

I have a machine that has just got two XFX RX 570 Gpu's brand new. I am trying to set the workload setting from graphics to compute and I can never get the Radeon settings to show me more than one GPU. It is clear the second GPU is running because if I load and run an Ethereum miner it sees both GPU's but it only runs one GPU at a Compute Setting and the other at a Graphics setting which produces less than half the amount of work.

Previously I had a RX 480 and RX 580 in this machine and I had no trouble seeing both GPU's and setting them separately for the Radeon Settings. This was under 19.6.2 Drivers. I have tried every driver version from 20.8 back to 19.6.2 trying to get to the Radeon settings to see two separate GPU's. I did a full AMD software uninstall after each version.

This is running on an  AMD 1700 processor. It's like Crossfire is enabled but I do not see that in the settings, the Radeon settings sees only one GPU when there are clearly two running and addressable.

Not sure what to do - pissed I am not getting my money's worth from both cards.

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