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Journeyman III

ASUS TUF RX 6800XT Drivers Code 43.

I bought the new ASUS TUF RX 6800XT and installed it Yesterday.
Everything did ran fine and I was able to play a few games to test it (Cyberpunk 2077, CS:GO, Rocket League) and also ran 3D mark with a score corresponding to my setup.

But this Morning I was playing Cyberpunk again and at some point I got strange artefact on screen, a few moments later screen went black.
I rebooted the computer and I had the message "No AMD graphics driver is installed ..." and Device Management showed the unfamous error code 43.

I did spend a good part of the day trying to fix this, uninstalling the driver, running DDU, testing various versions (2020-20.11.2, 2020-20.12.1, 2020-21.2.2). Everytime I install AMD driver I got black screen and unable to use computer until windows stop the driver and set the resolution down. From there I am able to uninstall and delete driver and I can use the computer with "Microsoft basic display adatper" but it can't do anything else than browsing the net in this setup.

Is my card already broken, is this anything else I could do ? I already checked all my driver and clean what was left from my old GTX 1070. My bios is up to date (more recent version are for more recent CPU support).

My setup is the following :
MSI B350 Pro Gaming Carbon
R7 1700X
16GO of GSkill Flare
1 TB, Corsair p510
500GO Evo 850
3To WD Green
Seasonnic Focus GX-850

Thank you for your help

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