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ASUS Dual Arez 8GB Crashing Issues - Drivers

Hello community,

Today I had and still having issues with games like WoT, GTA 5. I'm getting crashes, also in total 2 BSOD's related to drivers[graphics].

I checked in device manager to update my RX 580 8GB drivers through windows, it says the latest drivers were installed already. 

Tried, unistalling the drivers, rebooting the pc, and click Update on the Windows for automatically installing it. Afterwards again reboot. And it's the same, keep getting crashes.

In Friday i was on the PC, no problems with the games, yesterday(Saturday) i was off whole day and today(Sunday) when I turned on the PC and start playing WoT/GTA 5 I was getting crashes often and often. Everything is related to drivers.

I have installed AMD Radeon Software. Also 3rd party utilities and GPU Tweak II

My latest update on GPU driver was: 20.2(version), the new one which is recommended is 20.4(something like that), but nothing..I'm having the latest one available(Recommended, not Optional version)

What need to do?Should I disable some settings? 

It's terrible, i can't play games more than minute or two.

GPU: ASUS Arez Dual 8gb

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600
RAM: 2x8GB RAM T-Force Delta 3200MHz

MB: ASRock Steel Legend B450

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