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Journeyman III

Assassins Creed Origins Crashes 17.x.x Are you ever going to fix the issue?

Assassins Creed Origins still crashes with every driver unless I use a legacy, 17.x.x driver. Is been how long? This is not a Ubisoft issue anymore. This is all AMD drivers. The Radeon control panel crashes each time the game crashes. I troubleshot this issue for HOURS and the only thing that I can find wrong is the AMD drivers. I have a card that I can use on any settings. Why have you not found a root cause on a lot of these games and fix it? Instead, you fix issues like " saturation lighting in caves". Don't you think that the game crashing would be a better fix? This is a widespread issue and not just with one version of AMD cards. Yet I have seen no fix and no response to any of the posts. Should people just start complaining on Twitter like crazy? Social media a very powerful source of movement these days. Should we all switch to Nvidia where I can at least find a decently priced card due to your crypto mining greed? Why the heck would you make a card for crypto miners when you're making a killing right now. Limit your supply so demand skyrockets? That’s basic economics and capitalism at it's best. The upsell based on the MSRP on some of your cards is outrageous. The price I paid for a new card was $20.00 over MSRP luckily and a month later the same card was 3x's the price I paid. Then you can't even fix the issue you're faced. It's like you cater to only the crypto mining crowd and gamer are forgotten. Here is a something to chew on, crypto mining will eventually slow to where people aren't buying cards to make mining rigs like they were in February 2017 to now. You can only mine so much Bitcoin and Ethereum before it's gone. Fix your gaming issues AMD. I use to think you were a great company with a couple bumps here and there. Now I’m at a loss for words. I feel like greed took over the graphics card division.

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