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Journeyman III

Assasins Creed Origins crash (AMD driver Timed out)

I just bought AC origins on on steam all dlcs and everything but i cant progress, the game crashes on every cinematic, it freezes at first and then crashes to the desktop, no error message, just a option to send a report to ubisoft, please for the love of god help me. did everything, from turning of cloud sync,windowed mode or border less, everything i could, i don't know why its happening, it just crashes and then amd bug report tool says that my graphic driver had timed out, idk why, i can play cyberpunk on high without a problem but this i cannot fix for my dear life. Specs are: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Six-Core Processor 3.40 GHz, 16GB Ram, 64Bit windows 10 Pro version 20H2, Radeon RX 580 serie

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Re: Assasins Creed Origins crash (AMD driver Timed out)


is it the only game you re experiencing this issue ?

i had some issue like that too , but only one time a day (but in several games , only game crash, no computer crash) , last windows updates seemed to help

if not what is your gpu driver version ? what are your temps ? what are you memory timing ? PSU power ?