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Journeyman III

Artifacts popping 6700xt

Hello to everyone, yesterday I updated my 6700xt to last drivers 21.4.1 , then updated valorant to play some games (didn't play it in a month ) and after hat both updates my screen is popping some artifacts randomly it started after 30 mins of valorant game, o tried to uninstall drivers with ddu and try other older versions and still same problem, it only stop when there's no gpu driver installed, in this case it works fine but can't play anything .

There are some proof on the login of windows and inside apex(tried all games).



I don't think the card is dead due to what I say about when no drivers it works fine.

Running on a b550 aorus pro + 3600x + 32ram 3200

Thanks if someone got some idea of what happening.


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Adept III

Re: Artifacts popping 6700xt

The latest drivers are 21.5.2.

Try with the latest drivers also try to disable free sync/gsync from your monitor if you have it just to see if it changes could be a driver bug.

I don't know what else to nothing helps it could be a hardware issue, broken GPU or monitor....


Journeyman III

Re: Artifacts popping 6700xt

The reason your not seeing any artifacts when you uninstall the drivers, is because your PC is using your on board graphics on the cpu. What cpu are you running? Is your gpu overheating when this occurs? Quite possible you need to rma the gpu.. Sucks but I am about to make an rma request because my rx6700xt will not keep stable core clocks no matter what I do, and no one should have to void their warranty and mess with overclock settings just to get it working right.. If these issues don't get fixed in the next driver update I will never get another amd gpu again, I'm tired of troubleshooting and just want to play.

Adept II

Re: Artifacts popping 6700xt

Card is dead definitely return it to get fixed or replaced