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Adept I

Artifact and reboots... when watching videos.

For a week I have been suffering with this problem, every time I watch a video on any platform (Youtube, Twitter, Reddit, etc) after a few seconds, the screen flickers, then goes dark and a message appears "We detected a driver timeout has occurred on your system" I send the report (tired of this) and after a second of watching the video again the screen freezes and fills with artifact (even so the sound of the video continues to work and then restarts.

The graphics card is an XFX RX 560 with idle temperatures of 28c and on load at 59-63c.

-No problems in any game.
-No problem with any program I use.
-No problems when browsing.

Only when watching a video, so the only thing I can deduce is that it is a problem of Drivers, I have seen people on Reddit with the same problems with newer graphics RX 5600 XT / 5700 XT / 6800 XT and other 500 and 400 series.

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