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Are my 5600 XT Junction (Hotspot) temperatures normal?

ASUS RX 5600 XT it's normal that my hot spot temperature in the middle of games is 85 celsius and the gpu temperature is 72 celsius ? 

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Big Boss

It would depend on a lot of things. Is it an AMD card? an AIB card? Does it have dual bios, if yes is it on quiet setting?

Give us a bit more details of your entire system, case, fans, everything.

The Englishman

yes, that is normal. The Maximum Operating Temperature of the 5000 series GPU cards is 110c for the Hot Spots or T-Junction.

There are numerous Thermal sensors throughout the GPU card if any hits 110c it will automatically throttle or slow down.

So if your GPU card hot spot is 85c that is well within it Maximum Operating Temperature of 110c.

so your GPU fans are doing its job of keeping the GPU card from getting too hot in its hot spots.

but when I remove the side panels of the computer the card heats less the hot spot to the maximum and 75 celsius instead of 85?


That indicates that you have poor Air circulation inside your computer case. When you remove the side panel it allows more cooler air to enter inside the computer case thus lowering the temperatures of all your hardware.

If you have good air circulation inside your computer case the GPU temperature shouldn't hardly change that much. It will be similar with or without the side panel on.

Check that all your computer case fans are working and are clean. The computer case filters are clean. That the GPU air flow is not obstructed or it has good air circulation around the GPU.

Your ambient room temperature also affects both your GPU and CPU average temperatures.


but below 85 celsius the hot spot there is no danger the normal temperature GPU and 72 celsius ?


If 85c is the temperature showing for your GPU "Hot Spot" that is well below the Maximum Operating Temperature of 110c.

Your GPU card was engineered to run up to 110c at full speed.

As for the normal GPU card temperature I don't know at what temperature it will start to slow down. The important one is the 110c temperature.

Journeyman III

I was testing it out in Company of Heroes 2 at max settings and i used MSI Afterburner to measure the temps. It showed max temperatures of 78 and 90C for gpu1 and gpu2 and a max of 80 for the ryzen 7 3700 cpu.


90 c is high anyway seems to me ?


There will always be a delta between GPU edge temperature (often just called GPU temperature) and GPU hotspot temperature.

72 edge and 85 hotspot is perfectly fine.