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AR camera filters not working

Hi, been clowning around with Snap Camera software and I'm having some issues with some filters and from my research it may have something to do with my GPU (5700xt). I Found a couple threads discussing this issue elsewhere and many were reporting to have 5000 or 6000 series GPUs.

Example and a picture of the problem in the first link. Many of them are discussing the "anime" filter as that seems to be popular but I tried this with many others and same issue.

Anyone have any idea on how to maybe fix this or what the problem might be?

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Re: AR camera filters not working

Sounds more like a issue with Lens Studio's Snap camera software with AMD drivers.

If AMD driver was at fault I would believe that issue would occur in all filters not just on one type of filter.

That specific filter probably isn't optimized to work with AMD Drivers in my opinion. The Developer's of snap Camera will need to come up with a Patch to make their software more compatible with AMD drivers and GPU cards.