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Journeyman III

application anti-aliasing perfermance WX 3100


Q: the max antialiasing perfermance of the WX 3100 in applications like Maxon Cinema 4D (viewport openGL) and Catia Icem Surf JUST 8x?

I got a WX 3100 for my Dell T7500 Workstation. Its an update for my Quadro 4000. Everthing is stable and the perfermance in general is ok.

Anyway, when i compare the viewport of Catia Icem Surf my Quadro can handle up to 64x anti-aliasing, the WX 3100 just have options for 8x. I tried serveral driver versions from the newest (18.Q1, 17.Q4.1 and 17.Q2.1).

Also the software settings from the firepro driver, like 8xEQ or 8X and so on have no benefit for the viewport...

So, is 8x openGL viewport anti-aliasing for the Wx 3100 the maximum?


Dell T7500, LGA 1366, Xeon X5670, 48GB ECC RAM 1333, WIN 7 64

If necessary i can give more detailed system information.