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Adept I

Apex Legends Is Crashing To The Desktop

Hiya all!

The reason I'm here, is that word round the campfire is the driver 19.2.1 for my R9 280x is suppose to optimize APEX LEGENDS, the new incredible BR everyone is doting on. Apparently, if you search for AMD drivers that work with Apex Legends, AMD released the 19.2.1 for the very purpose of optimization between card and game. 

And to be clear, the game runs great on my potato rig...that's a non-issue...

The issue is that 1 out of 5 matches crashes. Always mid-game at random times. And it's harshing my vibe. This happened with 19.2.1 and the previous version (whatever that was). 

19.2.2 is an optional driver as of now...should I try that? EDIT: I tried this .2.2 and it crashes also.

My specs:

Win 10 64bit

ASrock MB

i5 3570

AMD Radeon R9 280x (driver 19.2.1)

16gb DDR3

Please help me Obi Wan, you're my only hope. This game is the best BR to date...why is it the only one that crashes?

Thank you in advance. 

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Journeyman III

Re: Apex Legends specific driver for R9 280x

Got exact same issue with R9 280. It crashes whatever my drivers are. Hope they fix their game soon.


Re: Apex Legends specific driver for R9 280x

Yes load 19.2.2 and do a clean install with the internet disconnected when you do.

Can you please be way more specific than crashes. What happens exactly? Exits out to desktop. Whole computer locks. Momentary screen black but still here audio etc. 

Have you set you power limit slider in Radeon Settings to it's maximum? This often helps fix game crashing.

I've been giving Apex a chance but find it extremely boring. 

Adept I

Re: Apex Legends specific driver for R9 280x

You find Apex extremely boring? Dude...what do you need in life to excite you? Apex is a perfectly paced BR with excellent gunplay, gameplay, and mechanics. If this kind of game bores you, I'd seek professional guidance.

I'll try the power slider thing.

I'll also re-install the game. Not sure what the unplug the internet thing is about...can I even do that with an Origin game?

The game will crash mid-game by freezing the game for 5 seconds or so...then it crashes to desktop. 

Journeyman III

Re: Apex Legends specific driver for R9 280x

Same here...


Re: Apex Legends specific driver for R9 280x

I don't like games that take a ton of time to load then gather your gear and then you get shot your done. Counter strike does this right IMHO. I prefer games like Battlfield, Killing Floor, Rainbow 6 Seige, Halo, Destiny 2, Titanfall 2. I love great single player campaigns like Tomb Raider, BioShock or Metro for instance. We all have our personal preferences that is why different game types exist. I have played most of the BR type games, and so far I don't find this game to bring anything new or better. Seems more drawn out for not much time actually playing the game. I get the Battle Royal is popular, but it's probably my least favorite game type. Again it's just my opinion. Not sure I need guidance because I don't like the types of games you do.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Apex Legends specific driver for R9 280x

Thanks for the post. 

If anyone is experiencing crashing on Apex, please provide the following information.

GPU: Eg Radeon VII

Driver: Eg 19.2.2

OS: Eg Win 10 1809

Reprouction Steps: Eg How to reproduce the crash (please be specific)

Video Settings Used: Please provide details of the imega quality settings used

Adept II

Re: Apex Legends Is Crashing To The Desktop

Symptoms: Display will, at first, freeze, then both displays flash black, displays then both say "no signal", then recover, but then go black again, and say no signal. System becomes unresponsive, restart via power button necessary.

Edit: After building a new system with a Ryzen 2600 and my Radeon VII, only components the same between the two builds are the GPU and PSU, experiencing the same issue, but if I leave the computer alone on the black screen for about a minute, my system will start responding again. This is happening on both Apex Legends and The Division 2. If I don't use the "reset display driver" shortcut in windows (win+ctrl+shift+B) after I recover from the initial black screen, my system will repeatedly black screen.

Edit 2: New system running 19.3.2

GPU: Reference Radeon VII
Drive : 19.2.2
OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 10.0.17763.316 (Win10 RS5)
Displays: 2 1080p@120hz displays via Display Port
Reproduction Steps: Play Apex, happens at random, sometimes not at all for hours, sometimes multiple times in an hour. Tried multiple Wattman settings, default, auto undervolt, manual undervolt. Happens on all. Junction temp never climbs above 100C

Video Settings Used: (Max)

"setting.cl_gib_allow" "1"
"setting.cl_particle_fallback_base" "0"
"setting.cl_particle_fallback_multiplier" "1"
"setting.cl_ragdoll_maxcount" "8"
"setting.cl_ragdoll_self_collision" "1"
"setting.mat_depthfeather_enable" "1"
"setting.mat_forceaniso" "16"
"setting.mat_mip_linear" "1"
"setting.stream_memory" "4592762"
"setting.mat_picmip" "0"
"setting.particle_cpu_level" "2"
"setting.r_createmodeldecals" "1"
"setting.r_decals" "256"
"setting.r_lod_switch_scale" "1"
"setting.shadow_enable" "1"
"setting.shadow_depth_dimen_min" "512"
"setting.shadow_depth_upres_factor_max" "2"
"setting.shadow_maxdynamic" "4"
"setting.ssao_enabled" "1"
"setting.ssao_downsample" "0"
"setting.modeldecals_forceAllowed" "1"
"setting.dvs_enable" "0"
"setting.dvs_gpuframetime_min" "15000"
"setting.dvs_gpuframetime_max" "16500"
"setting.defaultres" "1920"
"setting.defaultresheight" "1080"
"setting.fullscreen" "0"
"setting.nowindowborder" "1"
"setting.volumetric_lighting" "1"
"setting.mat_vsync_mode" "0"
"setting.mat_backbuffer_count" "1"
"setting.mat_antialias_mode" "12"
"setting.csm_enabled" "1"
"setting.csm_coverage" "2"
"setting.csm_cascade_res" "1024"
"setting.fadeDistScale" "1.000000"
"setting.dvs_supersample_enable" "0"
"setting.gamma" "1.000000"
"setting.configversion" "7"

Journeyman III

Re: Apex Legends Is Crashing To The Desktop

Display freeze 2 sec and crashes without errors. 2 out of 3 matches crashes.

GPU: RX 470
Drive : 19.2.1, 19.2.2
OS: Windows 10 Pro 1809

Reproduction Steps: Play Apex, happens at random at the beginning or middle of the match

Video Settings Used: high (1080p)

Journeyman III

Re: Apex Legends Is Crashing To The Desktop

Hello dear AMD community,

First of all

-GPU: rx480

-Driver: 19.2.2

-OS: Windows 10 family latest version

-Reproduction step: Play and it'll happen randomly

-Video settings used: Everything in low, 8gb of VRAM, 1080p, also tried 720 but still same crashes.


Similar problems or crashes but nobody knows why only for amd graphics card owners happened in fortnite in the past. Don't get me wrong I know what Im saying. 

I wonder if it is still really worth buying amd GPU's but at least I won't recommand it to anyone know.

Communication of fixes really poor.

I have no problems on any other games, playing overwatch at 300fps without any issue.