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Adept I

Any way to pre-compile or build shader caches for games?

Per a previous post, I am pretty positive my 6950 XT stuttering issues in certain games like Destiny 2, Borderlands 3 and Fortnite DX11 are due to the shader cache being built in real-time as I play which causes stuttering.  In all cases, it virtually disappeared once I played a bunch of rounds and been to most areas on the maps I was testing.  The issue is it seems new driver updates delete the cache so I am back to stutter-town again until it builds back up.

My question, is there any third party software or API's which can build these shader caches ahead of time?  

I have programming experience so even something more complicated I'd be willing to tackle, if it exists.  It seems like such a simple issue but probably more complicated than I'm making it.

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