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Journeyman III

Any troubleshooting tips for RX570 causing PC to not boot

I've seen this one doing the rounds a little bit, however nothing definitively provides a solution beyond the dreaded 'return to manufacturer / seller'.

Have been running a pretty old rig for some time and recently purchased a 2nd-hand RX570 to ease the pain while waiting to piece together a new one. Upon receiving said card tonight, I've found it outright stops my system from even powering up. The machine itself has power, including the card (solid white LED), but when attempting to power-up the exhaust fan visibly initiates, but fails to turn more than 5 degrees, if that. System will power-up fine with the card seated and no power connection or with no card whatsoever.

Key hardware:

Gigabyte P55M-UD2 (Rev 1.1 - F11 BIOS - NO UEFI)

Antec 750W True Power Blue
ASUS RX570 4GB Expedition

Steps taken:

DDU - Removed all existing drivers
Flashed MOBO BIOS to latest version (F11)
Tried different PSU connectors (6+2pin)

Tested card as a secondary and in other PCIe slot

Will be taking the card in to work with me tomorrow to try it on a couple of junk machines we have in the office. Am wondering if there's any known issues with the MOBO/card combination or even any quirks of the card model with legacy BIOS versions.

Similarly, is there any way to force a VBIOS reset on a card that appears bricked for all intents and purposes?

I want to exhaust all of the methods I'm relatively comfortable with before declaring it fubar and sending it back.

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