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Adept II

Any other drivers for Radeon rx 5700, that is not a radeon drivers,

I feel stupid to ask, but I am out of option.

and Yes, I am this desperate at the moment,

Radeon RX 5700

To many black screens,

So… I wonder, is there any other drivers that is not AMD Radeon driver I can test, just to see if it works better? (example Nividia drivers or something ells?)
Or is it very high risk for system crash or cause hardware damage?


The thing is, I can play all games, and have no problem with black screen without radeon rx 5700 drivers, the catch is, 3 to 5 frame per second inside video games.

but with the drivers, some games works fine/great, but I cannot play certain because It cause black screen.

Even google chrome or other activities can cause random black screens because of Radeon drivers.


My current version is 19.9.2
will absolutely not install 19.11.1. I could almost not even use my computer.

2 Replies

have you tried adrenaline 2020 software 19.12.2? and you downloaded it through the AMD website for your specific graphics card?

list the brand and model of your monitor also whether its display port 1.2, 1.3 or 1.4 as 1.4 is a brand new standard many displays for nvidia cards are black at boot and flickering and need patching. So some may be the same on AMD, in fact I'm pretty sure they'll be the same models of display. And make sure that you are using recently purchased display port 1.4 or hdmi 2.1 cables so we know the cables are not the issue. Then list the resolution you are running it in, and the refresh rate 59.964hz with freesync disabled is there no flickering then? Only one or two games actually support freesync anyway like world of warcraft so although its an improvement its often just going to not work too well with a lot of games. If set to 30hz does the flickering go away? Lastly reset the AMD adrenaline software to factory settings, does the black flickering still occur? was your display output set to FULL RGB 444 or was it RGB limited? what were your displays black levels set to? normal, low or auto if applicable? 

Journeyman III

just install previous version of the graphics driver. don't use yet 19.12.2 & 19.12.3