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Journeyman III

Any news on battlefront 2 fix with adrenalin drivers ?

Since i updated to adrenalin version, BF2 is stuttering hard. It's like watching a powerpoint presentation for the first 2 minutes of every game.

Even tho i downgraded to revious version, my game is still running very badly.

Now, i know this has been posted and asked before but i i'd like to know where we are at this point.

Specs : GPU : RX 480 8Go

CPU : I7 47-90k


Game was really smooth before this update, everything on ultra, 60FPS.

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Journeyman III

Just roll back to older version. Ive installed Crimson drivers and all of my problems are gone now.


Well i did that the first time I installed 17.1. I still had some stutter issues.

I tried the 17.2 thinking "it might be fine now". Well it's not even close.

Earlier today i tried to roll back to 16.1 crimson edition and my GPU wasn't even recognized, i had to go back to 17.2....

It's gettign annoying, i have some stutter issues (and not only on BF2), for 1 month now. I trully want to support AMD but back when i was a Nvidia user, i never had such drivers issues.


Well... Your card is quite new it might be hard for older drivers to recognise it. I might try oldest possible drivers for that card. I had lots of problems with Fifa18, overwatch and Battlefield1 and 4. Rolled back to 16.10.3 and it works great. Looks like these Adrenalin drivers are totally screwed. BSOD's and stuff all day long right after i installed them - looks like not only for me. Many ppl have simmilar issues it seems byt posts on this board.



Try AMD Crimson ReLive 17.4.4 WHQL or 17.7.1 Beta 
Those drivers were running fine for me when I tested Star Wars Battlefront 2 on R9 Nanos on Windows 8.1 64 bit. 

They are the latest drivers available to me from AMD, since they dropped support for Windows 8.1 64 bit when they did the big announcement of the 17.7.2 drivers with Enhanced Sync for the Vega Launch.

I have tested drivers since 17.7.2 all the way up to 17.11.4 and lately Adrenalin  17.12.1 and 17.12.2. on Windows 10 64bit.

The 17.7.2 driver was pretty unstable, but things seemed to gradually improve up to 17.11.2. I was finally able to achieve almost the same 3DMark Firestrike DX11 score on Windows 10 64 bit Fall Edition with gaming mode off as could achieve running 17.4.4 WHQL in Windows 8.1 64bit on the same machine with the same CPU and GPU Overclock.

Adrenalin Drivers on Windows 10 64 bit are definitely the least stable drivers I have seen for some time though. 

I cannot even overclock my CPU and GPU for 3D Mark Firestrike when running them, and I see frequent Red Screen of Death fatals..
One cause for the Red Screen of Death is when I try to turn on the Radeon Overlay in some applications. 

However there are some useful features in Adrenalin and I am sure the drivers will improve given time.  



Yeah, i forgot to mention that i was running windows 10 64 bits.

Thanks, I'll try that tommorrow. Hopefully this time AMD software will detect my GPU.

We still need a fix from AMD really fast. This driver broke so many things it's really bad.