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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

Any fix for this bug on RX 580 + Freesync montor leading to (Lost Signal/Black Screen)

So finally ,after searching arround a lot of sites, I found that the reason for getting black screen during gaming it's because there's no frame cap (Vsync) on some game leading to black screen and forcing to pull the plug and hard reset my pc. The issue it's simple: IF you have Freesync ON while your game doesn't  cap the frames at the same refresh as your monitor, it would lead at this error.
 The thing is that I'm a user of both worlds, competitive and single player, and I can't use my Freesync Monitor (AOC G2460V 75hz) because cause of that issue....  Some titles like ARK or even Bioshock Infinite (relative old titles that over exceed that refresh rate) has this issues.

Some of you would suggest just to turn off the Freesync feature but I EXCLUSIVELY bought this monitor and this GPU to take advantage of that feature (which makes me very upset for knowing that it won't be fixed). Anyways  I would like to know if there's gonna be any feedback/fix from this problem (I'm not the only one who has this issue), or should I just accept this as a lost cause and consider the competition for my next upgrade?
 Thanks for your time and I hope to those who has this issue find this post helpfull.

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