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Adept II

Anti lag = LAG

My PC: Ryzen 9 5900x, 6800 XT Midnight, G7 Odyssey 240Hz 1440p and SAM is on

After I replaced My 2080 TI with 6800 XT  I suffered from un smooth FPS I was getting 200 FPS in avg in COD cold war and Warzon but it felt like I am playing in 60 HZ Mointor (Doesn't feel responsive) so I formated and re-downloaded every thing but I had same bad experience and really was about to sell the card because 2080 TI felt way better till my friend (he has 6700 XT) recommended me to "Reinstall the driver with factory reset then skip selecting Gaming or Esport preset to keep Anti lag off" and after doing that my PC is now working perfectly. 

I was always like an idiot making sure to turn on ANTI Lag with out thinking it might be the cause of the issue.