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Adept I

An Error 1603 Fix

Since driver (WHQL), my driver updates have failed with error 1603.  Factory reset install does the same.
The install log file shows it fails at the step "Starting the install of AMD Link MSIX......" with return code 1:
"Add-AppxProvisionedPackage : The parameter is incorrect."

If I open an elevated PowerShell prompt and CD to the folder:
and run the actual PowerShell command seen in the log file then the command succeeds.

If I open a CMD prompt to the same folder and run the full command seen in the log which uses cmd.exe to call powershell.exe first, then it fails with the same error as seen in the log.

The cause?
My "Documents\WindowsPowerShell" folder has a profile.ps1 (i.e. which applies to all PowerShell instances) that has a Set-Location command in it.  The AMD installer is passing paths to the MSIX and APPX files used by Add-AppxProvisionedPackage that are merely relative to the current folder (".\") and makes no allowance for profile scripts that could alter this.

What AMD need to do is alter the command line that uses PowerShell.exe to include the "-noprofile" switch so this situation will not occur.

Hope this helps someone else.  I'll email this the support people and hope they pass it on.

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Adept I

I didn't explicitly say, but removing the Set-Location command from my profile.ps1 allowed the driver to install correctly!

Can you please provide the specific location of profile.ps1. There are multiple profile.ps1 files on my system.