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amdwddmg error stills a thing?

I have a 6900xt and is being stable for months without any crash. I haven´t done any type of update of GPU driver or windows recently and yesterday that error like this on event viewer "Display driver amdwddmg stopped responding and has successfully recovered". I was watching football on chrome in full screen. Is this error universal for all version drivers? I have searched this error in this forum and there is any 100% conclusion about the resolution.  

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Adept III

Blackscreens are very much a thing and apparently this is the temporary workaround to get rid of them.

Disabling Windows MPO feature has fixed it for many users here on AMD Forums and is an official fix posted by nVidia themselves because they have also suffered from this phenomenon and it seems to be related to Windows.

I just disabled it a couple days ago and so far so good.

Hello @goosethesecond , thanks for your reply. I have seen something but i thought that was only for Nvidia. However dont know how AMD stills not capable to fix this type of issues for so long.



Right, nVidia posted an offical thing on it for a "possible and temporary" fix and as far as I know it's working for me and others. I also agree with your sentiment on AMD, they are screwing up their software and drivers a lot.