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AMDRSServ.exe Memory Read Error

Whenever I tab out of fullscreen in Fallout 76, it triggers a memory read error in AMDRSServ.exe. The problem is consistent, repeatable, and only seems to happen with Fallout 76. I believe this has only been happening since the last Radeon update, but I can't be completely sure.
The error doesn't seem to affect functionality in any way--thank goodness!--but it is a bit disconcerting. I can't help but worry that it WILL affect something in the future.

I tried a clean install of the Radeon software, and even used the AMD Cleaner app to get a "clean slate" as it were, but the error still happens. The only thing that changed was the memory location.

amd driver error.pngScreenshot 2022-07-13 173643 POST CLEAN INSTALL.jpg


Any idea why this is happening?

A thought just occurred to me--I'm using system memory to record Instant Replay. Perhaps I should try using my fastest drive and see if it still happens.

UPDATE--Well, I only got the error when I quit the game, so... Progress?

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