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AMDOCL.dll driver OCL2 transform is generating errors again on the new 22.6.1 for RX6000 series

The AMDOCL.dll driver is generating errors again on the OCL2 transform, on the new 22.6.1 drivers for RX6000 series GPUs

My AMD RX9650XT is generating errors again using AMDOCL.dll driver on the OCL2 transform in Primegrid
The issue was fixed for a while in the previous drivers but have recurred in the new driver release.
In the previous driver it worked fine.

Command line: projects/ -boinc -q 5393950^524288+1 

Normal priority change succeeded.
Checking available transform implementations...
OCL transform is past its b limit.
OCL3 transform is past its b limit.
OCL4 transform is past its b limit.
OCL5 transform is past its b limit.
Using OCL2 transform
Starting initialization...
Initialization complete (2.539 seconds).
Testing 5393950^524288+1...
Estimated time for 5393950^524288+1 is 0:25:20                 

maxErr exceeded for 5393950^524288+1, 1.0000 > 0.4500
Errors occurred for all available transform implementations
Waiting 10 minutes before attempting to continue from last checkpoint...

geneferocl 3.3.3-2 (Windows/OpenCL/32-bit)


Edition Windows 11 Enterprise
Version 21H2
Installed on ‎12-‎Mar-‎22
OS build 22000.739
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22000.739.0

ASUS Tuf Gaming X570-Plus motherboard - Bios Version 4021. date 2021/08/17
PowerColor Red Devil AMD Radeon™ RX 6950 XT 16GB GDDR6
Ryzen 9 3900X CPU
Corsair HX1200W PSU
G-Skill FlareX 3200Mhz 4x8GB Ram
Display Gigabyte G27QC
Samsung SSD 980 Pro

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Adept II