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Journeyman III


I'm having a problem where my pc randomly gets a black screen (I can run stress tests without crash; it sometimes even crashes on the Desktop). The only thing I can do then is to manually shut down with the power button. I haven't modified the GPU in any way. 

My specs are:

CPU: i5-9600k [no OC] 

GPU: Red Devil 5700xt [no OC]

RAM: ddr4 3600mhz with xmp profile

PSU: 750W be quiet

Windows 10

I've built my pc 1 week ago and as far as I can tell the error was there from the beginning. 

Windows event log: ID 4101 "Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered."

(always occurs 2 min before the crash)

So far I tried to install and reinstall the graphics drivers various times. (always with DDU and different versions)

I monitored the temps of both cpu + gpu and didn't notice anything special. (cpu max 60°C gpu mac 80°C)

Let me know if you need any additional info.

Maybe someone can help 

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Could be a physical problem. So remove the graphics card and reconnect it again with 90-degree angle. Make sure that the card does not move with vibrating. Make sure the graphics card is fully seated in the PCI port. Run your computer with PC case opened. While the computer is running, move the graphics card with your hand with light touches with only 1-2 mm. If there is a contact problem, touching with hand it may cause the computer to crash. Also make sure that power cables are properly connected. Supply the graphics card power with two different cables not a single 2x8PCI power cable. If RAMs have OC, set it to standard speeds. After trying them, if you get an error on the desktop ... Search your consumer rights. If you solve crash problem on desktop, but an error occurs when loading GPU, you should look at different solutions. Good luck...

Journeyman III

Try A Bios Reset, turn off the power supply remove the battery leave for 15 min and re boot with this log in the bios and right away restore to optimized defaults, boot and shut down. re install the battery , after this update the bios using usb not the windows software.