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Adept I


After updating my 8gb 290x today I keep getting this file popping up as 'has encountered an error'

A google search yields no results at all. What is this file for and why is it persisting to install/run?

Running Win7 64 fully updated.

Thanks in advance.


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I believe you mean AUEP.exe which is AMD USER EXPERIENCE PROGRAM. You can uninstall this from your AMD driver.

Here is all the info on that program: Welcome to AMD’s User Experience Program | AMD 

No, they mean what they said. I haven't had any errors but believe this is a bug/mistake in the last couple of driver releases, as it JUST started popping up in the firewall requesting outgoing access after I installed 19.5.2. Judging by the title it wants to install the User Experience Program even if you didn't choose to participate. I even did a completely clean re-install and made sure I didn't choose to participate. Same results.

I'm going to either just block it with the firewall or rename the folder to see if there's any adverse effects. If not I will just delete it completely.


Edit: I tried actually joining the program after deleting the entire InstallUEP folder, and this is what pops up & gets created. It looks like AUEP.exe no longer exists and this is a new implementation that is at this point a bit broken. It shouldn't be installing or requesting internet access to install it if you opted out during installation of the driver package.



Adept I

Thanks I will look into this now.

Adept I

I had specifically opt-out and I saw AMDinstallUEP.exe trying to run weeks later. It wanted internet access and it was trying to make scheduled tasks. I checked my settings and I was still opt-out. Why is it randomly trying to run?

I have since deleted C:\Program Files\AMD\InstallUEP


It uses a lot of bandwith as well...the bad part is it is enabled by default, and many don't realize they have chosen to participate. "AMD User experience Program" drains internet bandwith 

I would try must run it as Administrator or your changes won't work. You can prevent the program from starting. Reboot.

Journeyman III


i have this problem and program doesn t run. Can help me?  I have windows 10 HOME


Why did you change compatibility settings?

1) Uninstall the drivers & AMD software

2) Disconnect your internet (Disconnecting prevents it from auto downloading the UEP junk during re-installation)

3) Reinstall the AMD drivers/software

4) When finished with step 3, Delete these two folders if they exist

C:\Program Files\AMD\InstallUEP
C:\Program Files\AMD\Performance Profile Client

5) Reconnect your internet

As a side note, the Windows Program Compatibility Troubleshooter is complete garbage. I would disable that service.