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Journeyman III

AMDGPU-PRO : OpenCL issue and system freeze in games

Hi, I'm having multiple issues with AMDGPU-PRO.

Blender 2.79b (Cycles) crashes instantly after having loaded the render kernels, when using displacements and rendering on the GPU.

blender --debug-gpu outputs this when the crash happens:

Device init success

GL shader compiler other: LLVM diagnostic (remark): <unknown>:0:0: 16 instructions in function

blender: /build/blender-UBljLx/blender-2.79.b+dfsg0/intern/cycles/device/opencl/opencl_base.cpp:504: virtual void ccl::OpenCLDeviceBase::tex_alloc(const char*, ccl::device_memory&, ccl::InterpolationType, ccl::ExtensionType): Assertion `mem_map.find(name) == mem_map.end()' failed.

Aborted (core dumped)

Video available here:

I've attached a .blend file. Just press F12 or render in viewport.

I've also submitted a bug report with more information and a test file available here ⚓ T57832 Linux, 2.79b Cycles : Crash when GPU rendering (OpenCL) and using displacements

I know it might be related to Blender itself, but this doesn't happen on Windows. So I thought it could be also be explained by the driver on linux. Blender also crashes randomly when loading textures, or changing shader values on a big asset and using GPU rendering in the viewport at the same time (also doesn't happen on windows).

The other issue I have is with games. Some games (such as Dirt Rally, Rust) freezes the entire system after loading. I can't even change my tty on Ubuntu and I need to press the restart button.

This does not happen with the opensource amdgpu driver (mesa 18.0.5), or by simply installing the OpenCL part of AMDGPU-PRO (mesa 18.1.0-rc4). Is AMDGPU-PRO 18.40 broken?

Any way to use OpenCL and play games without crashes in Linux?

System Information:

AMD Ryzen 1600X

Vega 64



Ubuntu 18.04, Linux 4.15.0-39

OpenGL core profile version string: 4.6.13540 Core Profile Context with AMDGPU-PRO 18.40

clinfo outputs:

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This is the latest AMDGPU-PRO Driver:  Radeon™ Software for Linux® 18.40 Highlights | AMD  - Which is the one you have installed:

The only Ubuntu Linux Driver for the RX Vega64 is this one from AMD Download Page: Radeon™ RX Vega 64 Drivers & Support | AMD

It also has Centos, RHEL,+SLED/SLES versions.

I don't know if AMD ProRender might help your issue or not. But AMD does have a plugin for Linux for BLENDER program: AMD Radeon™ ProRender for Blender™ | AMD

Here are the System Requirements for the AMD PRORENDER for BLENDER Plugin:


Yes things could be different with Radeon Prorender, but I didn't try it.

The crash I explained is specific to Cycles renderer, and Cycles is compatible with AMD gpus.


Okay, I was ignorant of a program called Cycles Renderer.  First time I hear of that software.

Maybe you might want to post your question at a AMD Linux Forum like Phoronix :

Someone may have an answer or tips on how to resolve the problems you are having with Blender Linux.

You can download Blender 2.8 BETA from here if you want to take a chance and see if it fixes your problem or not: Blender Experimental Builds -

This concerns a hybrid Blender for Cycles with the current Blender version and alpha/BETA version: Blender 2.8 hybrid (CPU+GPU) rendering – speed and quality | RenderStreet Blog


Yeah I might post on their forum if I don't get any answer.

Unfortunately, 2.8 also crashes with my test file