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Journeyman III

amdgpu-pro drivers for Ubuntu 22.04

Did AMD realize that Ubuntu 22.04 was released? I understand that linux users are a minority but I don't understand this update management policy.
I need working OPENCL and am tempted, after the recent price drop, to buy an NVIDIA card and troubleshoot.
If I spend my money I have to be able to do my work on the computer.
I hope someone from AMD responds to this post and can explain why they are so slow in making even the latest versions of the operating system usable.

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Adept I

the problem on 22.04 was solved when using this installing option

amdgpu-install -y --usecase=graphics


Adept I

sorry , have seen that your post is referring to the PRO driver version and not the ALL-OPEN, as would be installed by usecase=graphics.

seems that it is difficult to install proper PRO driver package on Ubuntu 22.04, yet.

Is there *ANY* update from AMD on this?  Jammy 22.04 is common.  

ANY help from them would be remarkable at this point.

I am unable to install amf support for ffmpeg on an all AMD box (7950x + 2x 6800).  I get the "E: Unable to locate package amf-amdgpu-pro" notification.  where the hell do we get the amf-amdgpu-pro package??