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Adept II

amdgpu-pro driver for Linux Ubuntu 18.04

AMDGPU-PRO Driver for Linux® – Release Notes

Any ETA to support Ubuntu 18.04?


or, if someone has "latest recommendation" - times change, maybe the proprietary driver is not the path forward now?

also I ran into:

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Already supported via the 18.20 preview release:

Radeon™ Software for Linux® 18.20 Early Preview Release Notes


1. Ubuntu 18.04 (and all distros) include a full open source driver stack

2. As fermulator suggested, the open source stack is recommended for gaming and general use - the amdgpu-pro option is really aimed at CAD and other workstation applications.

3. The 18.10 and 18.20 driver releases on include both all-open-source and -PRO options, so if you want the very latest open source drivers you can download them and install without the -pro option. If you need OpenCL but want to stay with the all-open stack otherwise you can install that combination, although AFAIK the OpenCL/OpenGL interop functions only work with the -PRO GL driver.

Unfortunately, 18.20 preview release doesn't work for me properly, the problem is described in another thread.

Is there an ETA for a release that is neither early nor preview?