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AMD you can do better and more stable drivers.

Please list all known issues that users are having, just because you cannot reproduce does not mean they aren't happening, you have had a huge amount of cards being returned before more then Nvidia, driver issues have existed and they are back since 22.5.2

Please take us seriously, when i say i have a problem i have problem, but when many are having problem and im being told its just me that just enough, i dont wanna buy an Nvidia gpu they are greedy, dlss3 has proven that once again.

Please fix the blackscreen issues for many this is a dejavu moment but for users that have not had AMD gpu for long time its frustating to find out nothing is wrong with your hardware when its all down to drivers.

Even agesa 1207 still has a edc bug so i am stuck on agesa 1203c as result, i have no problems on 22.5.1 recommended drivers i have problems on 22.5.2 and up and same with agesa visions after 1203c.

If had a lot of blackscreens when using whatsapp desktop especially when doing video calls or when its running in the background, so i uninstalled whatsapp started doing video calls with signal.

I even tested if signal is stable since 22.7.1 and 22.8.1 and 22.8.2 and 22.9.1 all can trigger blackscreens under 2 minutes, i started video call with my self from phone to my PC it instantly blackscreened i could not even pick it up.

These issues started happening since i got a logitech brio webcam back in juli 22.7.1 is the juli driver, if noticed these problems with 22.7.1 bassicly been testing each driver since to confirm if its stable and always go back to 22.5.1 cos its the only stable driver.

i remember 22.5.2 being stable 22.6.1 was stable, i went back tested these drivers i would blackscreen when doing a video call for like 1 to 3 hours sometimes 10 minutes or 30 minutes.

this has been the case on any driver after 22.5.2 except select few that can trigger it instantly or within 2 minutes when flip model optimisations is enabled on windows 11 22h2

Please stop censoring your feedback and flagging it as spam, im seriously tired of this, i dont wanna buy an nvidia gpu but its more and more starting to look like this is my only solution, enough is enough.

These issues have been going on for years by the looks of it, and its time you fix your drivers once and for all.

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Makes desktop stable but games aren't stable it does't fix game stability not even close you just freeze instead of blackscreen bassicly same thing but without blackscreen, desktop use apps etc never had gpu driver crash this probably cos of MPO, while games that freeze system are result of unstable drivers took me long time to realize but disabling MPO is not worth it downsides well if you use HDR its gonna look worse without MPO so don't bother just stick to 22.3.1 or 22.5.1 generally the best drivers or any older driver of preference.

Anyway best solution right now is install old drivers and hope its stable or give up and buy a Nvidia gpu i would stay away from rtx 40 series due to 12 pin issues i would rather settle for AMD driver issues

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"More often than not, problems come from the users themselves"

I kind of disagree. While it is true many problems are not caused by what people think, it is not the users fault. Many purchase parts online not knowing enough. (if you can/could walk in to a traditional PC store and people there know what they are doing, a lot of simple, but understandable mistakes would be avoided)

On the software side of things it is the same thing. Most people install Windows in a way which is insecure. Youtube is full of videos giving essentially bad advice like avoiding updates, installing software which causes more issues than solves and so much more. 

People, please:

- Update everything, everything. If you are afraid Windows does an update at the wrong time, update it manually just before doing whatever requires your machine to run for days or weeks. Updates are more important than antivirus and when you upgrade a driver, it assumes you have a fully upgraded OS.

- Before you buy or add hardware, make sure it is compatible. Talk to your local PC seller or ask via email if you buy online. While this is not 100% it often is good enough.

- When in trouble, ask for advice and remember to tell what your hardware is made out of (CPU, GPU, RAM, MB, PSU, Case, Storage, OS + list all the software running (mostly the ones with icon next to clock in bottom right corner), what devices are connected (USB often troublesome!). Also very important, list ALL the hardware and software changes you have done close to when problems started.


No problems in 22.5.1 problems in 22.5.2 and up clearly a cable issue /s

How True!  Well done.

Famous last words of a RedNeck "Hey Ya'll, WATCH THIS"
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I don't think firing some one helps situation,  current developers have a lot of experience with AMD perhaps just needs bigger test team and more methods for testing considering all configurations not just bare bones and all use cases not just gaming alone but gaming + other things at the same time, multi tasking is pretty common, things should always work together.


I have high hopes for 22.10.2 if AMD manages to fix the things they targeted to fix in 22.10.2 or the next driver if they decide to delay it till next month, i atleast hope they will admit to more driver issues next release notes then they done so far, and maybe have an issue tracker so we can see the trends of issues everyone is having, even if AMD did not manage to reproduce it yet or figure it out yet.


Hmm... doesn't AMD have open source drivers? At least i know for Linux they do. 
Cannot we see issue tracker there? 

Or they aren't open source for Windows? 

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No stable WHQL drivers have been released for 163 days.

Maybe we'll have to wait until RDNA3 is released to get a WHQL driver available.

Which will have even more problems since RDNA3 support will be added.

We'll see. Still, this situation is really bad. I've been an ATi/AMD fan for years and it's the 1st time i'm really considering going for nVIDIA for the 2nd time (1st time was back in the Riva TNT era).

PC build: 5800X3D, Asus C6H, 6800XT, NVMe, SSDs and HDDs, Creative SBX AE-5, LG 48-180Hz FS 1440p

Agesa is such a mess to yesterday i saw some one post having cache hiararchy errors and random reboots which is caused by having PBO on agesa update that comes after 1203c like agesa 1207 was the case this time, but he's board defaulted PBO to be turned on giving him all these issues as a PC user that is not very technical he rma'd the cpu but the cpu was fine.

I had to troubleshoot with him figure out how to turn of PBO cos it was not just turned on by default but greyed out so he could not turn it off, not atleast until turning of core performance boost, so i told him to disable both then re enable core performance boost which then leaves PBO turned off after reboot and checking the bios.

Im not sure if he fixed the random reboots and cache hiararchy errors but im 100% confident he did.

AMD has messed up there agesa updates since before may, its as if they lost a lot of talent that usually makes their drivers or firmwares and now we see the results in quality, i am personally on agesa 1203c for this reason, if had these random reboots as well even after upgrading to 5950x.

There is a huge chance i stop buying AMD entirely if they do not address this, im considering a lawsuit as well since they sabotage their own performance and stability, probably not intentional but given 7000 series coming out soon and 7000 series cpu's it feels intentional to get me to upgrade.


AMD Ryzen 7000 series still has some minor issues.

I have a R9 7950X + DDR5 EXPO 16GBx2 computer, the boot speed is very long (takes about 76 seconds)


Yes its tuning memory each boot which its not supose to do its only supose to do this on first boot,  something is reseting tuning profile setup on first boot making it go thru same proces again.

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i tried use ms version of GPU driver, it is without adreon, the same wattman probelm still, so i think there was something conflict in GPU driver itself. the problem cause me unable to use the PC.


installing 22.5.1 drivers might help you, you can either use the amd remover tool or make a full clean installation of windows and drivers


Haven't tested new 22.10.2 driver much yet but enchanced sync stopped working, normally setting vsync turned on in game makes it not work cos enchanced sync is active now turning on vsync in game just makes it behave like normal vsync.


22.10.2 worst driver ever for doing video calls with whatsapp

Start call from my phone to my self to test desktop becomes super laggy like 3 fps then blackscreens after like 30 seconds more or less


Really starting to look like AMD has no clue whats going on, atleast im glad they are contacting Microsoft now but something feels off 22.5.1 does not give me any issues, why would Microsoft be root cause of my blackscreens, when i can simply rollback and fully avoid it ?


Bug report with a AMD rep on Reddit i won't mention decided to bug me after finding out that enchanced sync is turned on by default even tho is is currently toggled off on AMD control panel, AMD claim of having fixed enchanced sync is false.

desktop recording forces normal vsync behaviour and fixes blackscreens


Windowed game optimisations in Windows 11 apply enchanced sync on every windowed application basically


Yes but even turning off flip model optimisations does not fix blackscreens they just happen less frequently, desktop recording then prevents things from becoming stuttery and unsmooth and when nothing stutters it never blackscreen.


I give up, i settle for an Nvidia gpu as soon i get the chance unless AMD willing to admit their obvious driver issues by the next driver, including all issues we all been plagued with, im not gonna contineu with this BS any longer.

Journeyman III

Reinstalled Windows 11 Pro completely (format drive) just to verify.

First Driver Crash within a hour with the 22.10.2. Custom performance configuration only used to change fan speeds.

The last stable driver remains 22.5.1. I'm just tired of months wihout fixed driver crashs.


Reinstalled 22.5.1 now until NVIDIA Card arrives. I'm just tired of months without any driver crash fixes.

PC build: 5600X, MSI B550 Gaming Plus, AMD 6900XT, NVMe, SSDs and HDDs, Creative SBX AE-5, Samsung Odyssey G7 240Hz 1440p


did u tried the 22.10.3? xd


its all MPO related all that matters is if they finally report the known issues in 22.11.1 or notif they do not then im done with AMD, not even gonna consider upgrading to a 7900 XTX either or any future AMD gpu, it just means they cant be trusted.


Did it happen after alt-tabbing? Did you have Hardware Acceleration or Image Sharpening enabled?

Journeyman III

Yes, always alt-tabbing between pc games and browser with running video.

Browser Hardware Acceleration and Image Sharpening it should be i guess?!


According to some people, disabling hardware acceleration helps. Also I think someone mentioned using Edge instead of Chrome helped too.

No need to disable hardware acceleration just disable MPO


Btw fun part... i actually tried to do this registry edit on my Win11 22H2. 
It didn't work for some reason. MPO Max Planes is still = 3 despite registry line existing.
But, at least my issues are currently minimal. What couldn't be said for tons of other people.

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Stuttering or screen flickers may occur during video playback using hardware acceleration with Chrome issues still affect some people. You can try disabling MPO to improve the situation.

Possible trigger reasons are as follows:
1. When the screen refresh rate is higher than the video frame.
2. Configure multiple computer monitor devices.
3. Use window mode to play games and during video playback using hardware acceleration with Chrome at the same time.

Solution: After updating to NVIDIA Game Ready Driver 461.09 or newer, some desktop apps may flicker or stutter...

Yeah, from all data i have this have decent chance to solve issues for most people. 
Because all heavy issues currently happens when something is overlayed on top of other stuff for some time. 

In addition as bit more of info
[NVIDIA] V-Sync OFF Not Recommended as a Global Setting Starting with Driver Version 461.09 

Adept I

After AMD's March update, I can't use up-to-date drivers without problems. I'm having problems with DTS audio formats and speaker crackle. It works extremely incompatible with the AMD Audio Coprocessor update. I am experiencing missing text cursors, lines, crashes and stuttering in the Chrome browser. I've reported this issue with every update that wasn't fixed.

I'm having these issues on my gaming laptop. The internal GPU is AMD and has no MUX, I can't turn the **bleep** AMD off completely. I have an Nvidia graphics card and it doesn't give me any problems, while AMD gives me problems! AMD now needs to fix both mobile and desktop issues ASAP!

Adept III

Just had to downgrade back to 22.9.1 (for the second time) after 22.10.1 broke some games for me and Photoshop performance and I tried 22.10.3 yesterday only for it to break BF2042 and Forza 5. 

Everyone's different configurations will mean different stable experiences with different drivers but boy are we all sure disappointed with AMD. Sad that they just can't get their software right.

My Build

R5 3600

ASRock X570 Pro4m

32GB 3200MHz GSkill Ripjaws V

RX5700 8GB


Guys the solution is disable MPO

MPO is only active on mainscreen.

MPO only supports 8 bit color depth setting 10 bit color depth disengages it.

Disabling MPO fixes blackscreens and stuttering issues even flickering issues.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



The lack of this key means its enabled

MPO is a functionality of DWM desktop windows manager on windows 10 and windows 11

The way i tested

i used windows 11 22h2 and enabled flip model optimisations.

i install 22.7.1 as most reliable driver to trigger blackscreens and reliably recover as it blackscreens during whatsapp video call under 2 minutes.

I tested mainscreen at 8 bit i blackscreen under 2 minutes.

Restarted app and put on 2e screen started video call no blackscreen.

put mainscreen on 10 bit color put app on mainscreen and started video call no blackscreen.

Disabled MPO via reg tweak and put display back at 8 bit and started video call no blackscreen, even being able to do a whatsapp video call for 8 hours non stop without blackscreening.


Conclusion AMD you can do better, communicate what you fix what you change in drivers.

You fixed HDR in past driver but never mentioned it being broken or fixed.

You fix forcing vsync you never mentioned this in release notes. it was broken on 22.5.1 and at some point 22.5.2 or 22.6.1 forcing vsync probably got fixed, this is when the MPO issues started, MPO hates it when it is not in control of synchronistion, it hates vsync being forced off etc.

Nvidia had similar issues and probably blackscreens as well.

NVIDIA has fixed this issue. Now AMD may also face this issue.


OMG... That was windows thing

and Nvidia Geforce was facing same issue too!!

[Feature Request] Disable Multiplane Overlay (MPO) | TechPowerUp Forums



Can you help me to disable my MPO? I don't know how to do this alone


This is for Nvidia, but as it simply changes registry, is should not matter if you use Nvidia or AMD GPU 

Notice there are two files, one to disable MPO and another to enable it. I saved both to my hard drive even though I don't have the issue.

MPO only enabled on 8 bit color depth not on 10 bit color depth or atleast once you set 10 bit color depth the issues also go away, my display port cable does not have the bandwith to do 10 bit color depth at 144hz unless i change pixel format to 4:2:2 or set it to 120 hz

so disabling MPO is the only solution unless i am oke with 120 hz 10 bit as 144hz 10 bit + pixel format 4:2:2 is abselutly not worth it