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Adept II

AMD you are a joke

Your software is a joke. Radeon software doesn't show the button for custom colour and this website doesn't even have the option to attach screenshots, you are a joke AMD.

Your Radeon software is so bad and has been for such a long time that you have become an Internet meme, you're a joke AMD.

I supported you when you were the underdog, bought all your 1st gen products like R7 1700 and RX5700 XT. Sad to see that my effort was all for nothing since you're still a joke AMD.

Don't care how expencive GPUs are right now. I'm going to buy an RTX card right now and be done with you once and for all. And why, you might ask. Because you're a joke AMD and always will be.

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You can upload any saved images in your PC by clicking on the "Camera" icon at the top of the Taskbar when you reply at AMD Forums.


I've posted screenshots and seen several others even newcomers post screenshots. So to the OP your wrong again. Try doing a little recon before you go on a childish tantrum.