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Journeyman III

AMD WattMan Crashing & Software Adrenaline

Hello I use FX 5700 XT Nitro +

I use latest drivers radeon software.

What i have is when i play games radeon software keep crashing wattman, then software restart 2 times the icon on task bar and then load again. Then all settings are lost.

When i use automatic option Default for Tuning FAN Speed is 0 so i always need to use it manually.

I try disable in Graphics options reduce maybe problem but no result..

When play randomly crash radeon software crash sometimes the whole pc crash.

There is no solution for this Adrenaline Software its just crashing everything.

Intel I7-9700K

16GB Kingston Predator 2x8 4000Mhz (using default 2400Mhz not overclocked)

Gigabyte Auros Master z390 rev1 - Last bios F11C

Bios no changes maded for overclocking all default settings.

750W Corsair Power Supply Module.

Win10 Home X64 - Original Last update

Sometimes even got green screen on monitor when crash and pc stop again work.

Please help.

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That is a factory overclocked card, and sometimes that overclock is not stable. To verify, I suggest testing your card at AMD stock settings, not default OC settings.


What do you mean overclock?

I haven't touch any settings everything is default stock usage (like i described in my topic everything is default even bios and radeon software..wattman still crashes radeon software adrenaline crash program with wattman and lose settings)

My opinion the software and settings inside are not stable for this video card. Automatic option to select FAN speed 0 what is this a joke?..

To confirm my first topic:

The only thing i touch on radeon software is Tuning>Fan Speed manual, because automatic doesn't work option!

Maybe better answer will wait.


The card you mention is overclocked by default from the manufacturer. In other words, its stock settings are overclocked, and not the AMD stock settings for the 5700xt. If you do not understand this, then it's probably best that you do not mess with the settings.

Okay i got your point about that.

Another question then.

If the VGA is overclocked by default from AMD.

Then Adrenaline software must be configurated well to the VGA but how exactly . To crash wattman always its making missconfiguration between OS -> VGA and makes it fail at certain point.

What exactly must i do to overcome this problem with crashing wattman ?

Journeyman III

So, this is an old post now but I was having the same issue as well with my new card and was able to fix it. What fixed it for me was to install the driver only and not the entire software package. 

If you don't know how to do that.

1. Use DDU or the Radeon Cleanup tool to uninstall your existing drivers

2. Download the latest Adrenalin package from AMD and launch it.

3. You'll be prompted to choose a destination folder - make note of where the driver is getting uncompressed to. Click install. 

3. As soon as the AMD Radeon Software Installer comes up click the Cancel button and exit the software

4. Go to Device Manager > expand Display Adapters > right click your card (it could be listed as generic or AMD - doesn't matter) > select update driver > Browser my computer > find the driver destination (from step 3) > click Next to install the driver. That's it!

I seriously thought that my card was defective. I tried overclocking, underclocking, undervolting, old vBIOS, new vBIOS, everything. This is what fixed it for me. I hope this helps someone else!

heyy i really need to do this but i dont really know  how to do it properly can you like make a video to do this please. Thankyou!

im really thankfull if you can do this for me