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amd usb 3.0 extensible host controller - 1.0 (microsoft) keeps dropping out

Hi, my usb ports keep dropping out, i get no message, i just get the exclamation mark in device manager, if i reboot it comes back but then goes again. Its  amd usb 3.0 extensible host controller - 1.0 (microsoft) - I am on Windows 10 1909, its an HP PC and There are no missing drivers, can you help at all please?

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Adept III

This is probably a hardware failure of the USB bus.

If possible, remove all the devices from that particular bus (you can figure out what is attached by using Device Manager and viewing devices by connection).

Then, see if the USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller fails with no devices attached, it is likely bad.

If it never fails with no devices attached, attach just one device (maybe the mouse) and see if it fails then. It might have been a bad USB device that was bringing down the whole bus.


Doubtful that is the issue.

I too have had the same sort of things happening with my 2950X Threadripper machine, W10 Pro x64.

For me it started with SQL Server PolyBase, which was chewing up 75% of my C: to disk full state, which was unacceptable. Once I isolate PolyBase, I uninstalled that feature from SQL Server. But in doing so, this must have corrupted something else, probably related in some way to USB operation, drivers or what have you, most likely, but as yet unconfirmed.

Since then I have been getting periodic, sometimes quite frequently overlapping USB drop outs. To reiterate, before removing PolyBase features, my system was running just fine, no drop outs whatsoever; but for the C: consumption.

I do notice that there are two AMD USB eXtensibility Host Controller versions, 3.0 and 3.10 in my Device Manager. I do not know if these are driver related or could be updated.

But it is annoying.


Hi, this is still happening and the devices are different to when it happens, first it happens on the usb mouse then my usb ipod, both in different ports. Can i just replace the system board?

Its a amd a10-9700 radeon r7 10 compute cores 4c+6g system board


You might have to swap the system board.

HOWEVER, I found out in my own instance that swapping out my own system board did not make the problem go away! Eventually the problem did get fixed, but it was not due to swapping the system board.

I could not pin down the true fix of my problem--it can only be one of the two following changes:

1) Microsoft later updated the AMD USB 3.10 eXtensible Host Controller via Windows Update.


2) I swapped the WiFi NIC that I was installing in PCI-e slot 4 (and that has a USB-attached Bluetooth card onboard) with the latest and greatest model with the Intel AX200 chipset.

I'm not advising you to swap out the WiFi NIC. Just be aware that swapping out the system board did not fix my problem that was just like yours.

You may want to try updating your Microsoft driver for your AMD USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller to at least this version if you haven't already:

Driver Provider: Microsoft

Driver Date: 6/3/2020

Driver Version: 10.0.18362.900

Digital Signer: Microsoft Windows

Update your USB drivers first, THEN if the problem isn't fixed, swap the system board.


I'm seeing multiple entries for AMD USB eXtensible Host Controller in my Device Manager.   My PC will also (somewhat predictably) play the USB unplugging sound for no reason.  I have video footage of it doing it when pressing capslock, but it has done it and did it today when starting Steam.

My question is which of these Device Manager entries can I safely delete without affecting my gpu?  I have a reference 6950xt bought this year on release.

edit: 10 minutes after posting this my PC made the USB disconnect sound out of the blue. I was literally only scrolling a web page when it happened.

I am also having major problems with the 10/22 version of this driver. I can not use 2 of my ports. does anyone know how to get the last one back?