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AMD Updated graphics (21.12.1 adrenaline) not supported for Radeon Pro Vega 64

So this is more of a question since the AMD support team has taken a bit to get back to me on this.  Are AMD Radeon Pro Vega 64 GPU's no longer receiving supported driver updates?  The latest update I can get to actually install and run is  Although, from what I can locate, 21.12.1 adrenaline is the latest driver release.  This driver software doesn't even recognize my graphics card being installed (i.e. error 173).  I've even tried 21.10.2 adrenaline, and 21.Q4 Pro driver software with the exact same results.  Their support page for error 173 is conveniently detailed with about 5 sentences of troubleshooting guidance.

I have confirmed that my display adapter and PCI slots via device manager are not experiencing any errors.  I have completely uninstalled and re-installed the software without issue (and tried installing updated graphics with completely removed prior to installation).  Nothing seems to work.

It seems like Radeon has just decided to start phasing out older GPUs?  Odd though since my graphics card has a relatively decent benchmark rating, and is now failing to run new games at any nominal capability (i.e. 12-30 fps with detail and resolution scaled far down).

Additionally, I noticed they conveniently state they support RX Vega 64 graphics cards, which just seems like a more expensive version of the Pro Vega 64 without much performance increase?  At least via online benchmark ratings it seems that way.  A bit confused by all of this.  I hope AMD isn't just trying to force some legacy cards to an upgrade from lack of driver development and support.

Anyone have any suggestions or solutions to an issue like this?  AMD's ticket support doesn't seem to be very responsive.  Any help would be appreciated.

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I assume you are talking about this Professional Vega GPU card: Professional Vega Frontier GPU card.

Here is the latest Pro Vega drivers:

Here is the latest Radeon Pro driver for that GPU card:

Here is the latest Radeon Adrenaline Driver for your GPU card:

AMD is still supporting your Pro Vega GPU card. So if it is having errors installing is because you either are doing something wrong or you are installing the wrong driver for your OS or there is some sort of conflict with another previous driver etc.

You didn't mention which version of Windows you are using? Is this a Workstation PC or Desktop Pc?

What is the Make & Model of your PC or Motherboard that you are using?

Are you using a Windows Server version or regular Windows 10/11 version?

NOTE: Use DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) with the internet disconnected and deleting the created AMD Installation folder at C:\AMD.

Then after DDU reboots back to the desktop try installing the latest Adrenaline Driver full package and see if it installs correctly as long as you have a compatible OS installed.

So two days following this post, AMD support was able to get back to me.  As I wrote this community post following my support ticket, I did leave out key information which elstaci was nice enough to point out.  Below is the additional information I was provided that gives me a bit better insight.  Also, thank you elstaci for your feedback and the information you provided.

I am using a Radeon Pro Vega 64 card.  The OS running is windows 10, but it's accomplished through bootcamp (on an iMac Pro).  That being said, AMD informed me that they themselves actually don't produce and push graphics drivers for my GPU.  AMD conveyed that Apple is actually the responsible entity for development and distribution of AMD driver updates for my particular graphics card.  Seems a bit odd, as AMD built the card, so why wouldn't they produce the drivers?

Also, don't get me wrong that Apple has it's inherent limitations with ventilation in the PC.  So I don't expect to run 5K Ultra graphics on games, and at times, expect to experience thermal throttling.  But I have limited my processor to 99% run capacity when gaming to avoid the automated overclocking (I think it's called Apple Boost?) and help regulate temperature inside the device.  So I'm taking multiple avenues to better improve my gaming experience.  Additionally, most games can run at a functional state on medium graphics and resolution.  However, as I discuss below, there is one game in particular that sparked my investigation into AMD software/drivers and to open a support ticket and reach out to the community.

In any case, AMD support has informed me that they are unaware of any future driver updates being pushed by Apple at this time.  So they recommend I open a support ticket with Apple to pursue that route. I guess this also better explains why the newest AMD driver updates aren't able to recognize my graphics card.  However, I do find that their support page for error 173 is way too limited, and should have information like this posted to it.  I cant imagine I'm the first person to ever ask these questions.

On another avenue, the particular game I have having severe issues running, is Halo Infinite.  No surprise right?  I've also opened a support ticket with them (as I presume hundreds or maybe even thousands of others have from reading community and support pages).  From what I have found, the game is severely limited on optimization for PC and has a large amount of bugs since the campaign release.  I've even had a friend running an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 2080 Ti card that ramped up to 100% GPU usage, his FPS dropped to less that 20 and held steady for the rest of his game time.  His only method of correction was to shut the game down, switch games for a bit to let the card cool off, then return to it later.

I'm working to build an upgraded PC myself, but the market is stretched thin at the moment.  Especially on GPUs.  So troubleshooting is really my only option right now.  Again, I really appreciate the feedback.  If anyone has any additional information on my situation, please let me know!

THAT WAS A HUGE MISSING FACT that you are using Windows BOOTCAMP Drivers.

Here are AMD latest BOOTCAMP Drivers but not sure if your GPU card is listed or not:

Screenshot 2021-12-22 204727.png

This Apple Website the Author takes the latest AMD Driver and modifies it to work in Windows Boot camp environment BUT IT IS UNOFFICIAL:

Screenshot 2021-12-24 105034.png

When it comes to Windows Bootcamp AMD SUPPORT sends the User to open a APPLE Support ticket since it is a APPLE PC.

EDIT: ALL MacOS versions has it own updated native AMD Driver built into it when not using Windows Boot camp.


Reread you last reply and you mentioned about having issues with Halo Infinite. You are not alone here at AMD Forums. If you input Halo Infinite under Search you will see how many Threads have been opened since that game came out:

Screenshot 2021-12-24 105034.png

above are just some Search samples concerning threads for Halo Infinite.