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Journeyman III

Amd update broke computer

  • Windows 7 

R9 380

I just updated my amd driver's after the first time is 6 months to newest stable

Upon completion it disabled all monitors attached to it.  I switched to my integrated and restarted.

At first I noticed it complaining about resolution errors when I rebooted and would permanently make all screens black preventing me from interacting when a monitor is plugged into card.


After a few reboots using my integrated with nothing plugged into card, it now doesn't show the bios, but let's me log in, then once logged in goes through 3 stages.

1. Denial -functions regularly for ~15 seconds

2. Bargaining - Can right click on things and browse files.  Can and apps in bottom right corner.  Can't open programs or control alt delete or task manager.

3. Lockup- No doing anything.  Any icons or buttons clicked are for show. No restarting allowed. Uninstalling amd doesn't get past 0% if I was fast.

Can I get some help and an explanation for why they released this godawful  update?


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Journeyman III

So update, unplugging card allowed me to access bios to safeboot and i uninstalled the drivers.  I can boot without it plugged in normally now. Current issue now is i cant install my old drivers without plugging the card in.  Why is that a problem?

Plugging it in prevents my monitors plugged into my integrated card from being used by default.  Anything plugged into the radeon card doesn't display. So i just get a black screen on startup and cant navigate.

Also I cant install drivers without the card plugged in(which might fix everything) as amd does not like to  install drivers without the device.