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Journeyman III

amd uninstalling or deleting itself?

i do not know a lot about computers, but i do know it is not right for my software to uninstall itself randomly. this has been an on going problem i have had since i bought my PC with AMD (ryzen3/vega8). i have also seen during this time others have had similar issues. i thought i had seen where this issue was supposedly fixed, but i still keep having this issue. there seems to be a randomness to it all. sometimes it will uninstall when i restart my PC, other time like today i shut off my game, 5mins later i start the game back up to have error warning pop up telling me it does not recognize or and not find the program. only fix i have is to reinstall the amd software again. once i do this all is good until it uninstalls again. when does amd think they will fix this issue? 

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Journeyman III

interesting, now it is freezing my pc while playing and doing this. the games load and play just fine, but then my fram rate drops to 0 and freezes the game. i have to restart my PC to get out of it. i get the idea of setting my windows settings to not auto download updates for the amd software, so i am curious why it is still doing this and how now it is doing it while playing games. reinstall my software and all is good until it does it the next time.


i have to ask, how does the help and support work around here? i am curious since most posts go unanswered it seems. 



Yeah, a bit of a strange one!!

Open a command prompt and type in the following: SFC /scannow..

This will check you don't have any corrupted files..

Aparently, having read a few posts online.. Some are saying RAM can cause it, check your motherboard manufacturers website for Ram compatibility..

You can download cpu-z or speccy to see what RAM you have installed..

Also check if there is a bios update for the motherboard..

Just a few ideas..



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ah, somewhere to start, thank you.