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Journeyman III


I have Asus rog flow x13 Ryzen 9 5900HS that Has rotation problems and now I tried that solution  I try the rest sensor but It cannot solve the problem issue try to delete the AMD UMDF Sensor SAME 
My problem start by driver booster app when it's updated all drivers then I try rotation or using 360 or tablet then they do not work please help me

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That was you biggest problem using a 3rd party Driver updater to update your drivers. Many times those type of Updating software installs incompatible Drivers that causes issues afterwards.

You should only use the Driver's own Updating software like Intel or AMD uses or go directly to the driver's manufacturing support website and download from there.

Go to your Laptop's Support Download page and download all the drivers that Driver Booster updated. That should fix your issue.

NOTE: Your Laptop should have a OEM program to automatically update all the drivers in your laptop.

Try do a Restore point back to before your updated the drivers using Driver Booster and see if that fixes your issue.

If not try to restore a System Backup if you create one before using Driver Booster.

Otherwise go to Device Manager and delete the driver that is given you issues and restart the PC. It should install the correct driver again. make sure to check mark the box to delete from system box. If not then go to Update Drivers and select the driver that is stored natively in Windows and restore that. IF if fixes your issue then try updating again.