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Adept II

AMD Tessellation problem on Star Citizen

I've been testing this for many days. When landing  on a specific planet that has allot of wind and debris and crazy detailed surface textures, the game crashes to the desktop and crashes the driver too., but other planets or moons Ive landed on don't seem to crash it. I think I have narrowed it down, in my case to the AMD Tessellation. Even at stock speeds, over or under clocked, it still crashes to desktop just as I'm landing and all the wind and debris start showing up. I've tested, Use Application Settings, Forced x32, Forced x16. Forced x4 all crashes except when I turn Tessellation off in the driver.  This is 17.5.2 Driver, I had tried 17.7.2 and 17.12.2 and believe I had the same issue, but going to try again, as Ive been testing so many settings and drivers, Ive forgotten. Am I on the right track in this you think?

I've never had the card crash to desktop on any of my other games (Elite Dangerous, Forza 6 Apex, Recore, Homeworld, Eve, iRacing, to name a few).

How important is the Tessellation setting anyway? Is Star Citizen not using it correctly for my card?

My System: Dell XPS 8910 i7-6700 16GB DDR4, Stock 460W Power supply, 32GB Pagefile (for Star Citizen), XFX RX480 8GB RS, I think (BestBuy Exclusive).

Temperatures of the GPU are never above 76c, usually 69-72 at my current settings.

Thank you.