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Adept II

AMD stop support for all GPUs before 7000 series

Why AMD stop support for previous generation cards? Any information for driver releases politics, that is changed?

If AMD continue and split support as current state my 6800XT will be last video card, that will buy from AMD. 

We don't get any new drivers from november, while 7000 series got 3 updates.

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AMD, as far as I am aware, HAS NOT stopped supporting any of the RX Series GPU cards. Just because AMD hasn't come out with a driver in a couple of weeks or a month doesn't mean they stopped supporting certain RX GPU cards.

If they did when  you download a driver for your Consumer RX GPU card it should state that it is in "LEGACY STATUS" .


AMD just teased a big driver update this spring a couple of weeks ago. Just because they haven't released a new driver for previous cards doesn't mean they've abandoned those. The 7000 series seems to be cursed by a number of driver issues, so it seems to make sort of sense to concentrate fixing these before releasing a fully combined driver.

Community Manager

This is an incorrect statement.