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Adept I

AMD Software Suddenly Gone

Hey there, 


I noticed today that AMD Software is completely gone from my laptop. I mean it is not on the system tray, it is not in my start menu. It is not listed as an app to be unistalled in Windows settings. When I search for it on the search bar all I find are downloads of previous installers and web searches. 


First thing that I did is went to AMD website to redownload - nbd. But when I download and install it runs a quick little install screen but then just disappears again and doesn't do anything.

I read a couple posts that others had similar problems saying that they just redownloaded and it fixed or maybe it is Windows rewriting the drivers. 


Do you have any help or solutions?

Thank you a ton!


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Adept III

I don't know what happened there but you can try using DDU to remove current driver, and while doing so click on "Prevent downloads of drivers from Windows Update..." as well (should be at the bottom). Then use recent drivers by downloading from AMD site and hopefully it will work.