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Adept I

AMD Software Settings on Gaming Graphics Suggestions

Hi AMD Team,

Like a my other topic about broadcast improvements, I'm having some ideas for settings of gaming graphics improvements.

  • Give Hyper-RX for RX 6000 series, without Anti-lag+ and rename Hyper-RX on RX 7000 for Hyper-RX+;
  • Back AFMF to work with Vulkan e OpenGL like the december preview driver; (If Freesync in this version wasn't broken I would have stayed on this version, but is broken)
  • Extend AFMF for videos;
  • If possible, give AMD Video Upscale for RX 6000 series;
  • Enable possibility of enable Image Sharpening and Radeon Super Resolution. Not needed both working simutaneous, but if both has enabled, Image Sharpnening work on native or virtual resolution above native, while RSR work on resolutions below then native;
  • AFMF working with V-Sync and FRTC (possibility use AFMF for reduce power comsuption using low FPS target and recover using AFMF, example reduce battery usage on Notebooks);
  • Enable possibility of set FRTC by game on game profiles, not only global;
  • Add Software tab for include non games, for same settings of games, but without get statistics;
  • Add Instant Replay switch ON/OFF on game profiles for create exceptions, example disable automaticaly on benchmarks.

Note: Please, back with AMD Link on future version. Others solutions aren't near of AMD Link quality.

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Adept I

Item 2, "Vulkan e OpenGL" is "Vulkan and OpenGL".

Adept I

New idea to list:

  • Add a universal resize of media video by driver to solve many internet videos 21:9 encoded as 16:9 or others formats with black bars using classic options (crop, fit or stretch). You could make this feature by using FSR for these "zoom" options.