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Adept II

AMD Software randomly launches as a blurred out window/just the title bar instead of a window

5700 xt user here, most recent version of the driver, installed on an SSD yada yada

I have been having problems like these for ages but recently they've become omnipresent. The software regularly launches as a blurred window like on pic related, OR launches as just the title bar, OR "launches" and appears as if its active on the task bar but does not display any windows at all

I've tried basic stuff like running in under admin priveleges, etc, nothing. Tried DDUing several times (for a different reason, but nonetheless),  nothing

So I am curious, am I the only one with this problem or is there anybody else here with similar problems as well? And if this problem isn't exclusive to me, is there a fix to it yet?


2022-12-07 09_47_56-.png


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