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Journeyman III

'AMD Software PRO Edition' wrongly updating to 'Adrenalin Edition'

Since I updated to win11, when I install AMD Software PRO Edition, my system update it to  Adrenalin Edition, in a buggy way.
It's kinda install Adrenalin over Pro, but is not wright, so the AMD Radeon Software stops, My PC stops recognizing my GPU driver version, and the software that I need to use (like Blender) don't let me select my GPU to rendering, only CPU.

I cant't simply install Adrenalin Edition cause some programs (like Blender) require the Pro version to rendering, and I tried not let the update selected in the Radeon Software, but didn't worked, also it stops to work after the wrong update.

Someone has any suggestion? I really appreciate any help, I just want to work with my PC.

To understanding, this is my PC config:

Windows 11 x64
GPU - Radeon RX 590 Series
CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 3600
RAM - 16 GB
MotherB - Biostar Racing B350GTX (Bios updated)

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Adept I

This same thing happened to me. I'd been having trouble with the computer resetting due to graphics driver crash so uninstalled everything and opted to install the "stable" Pro edition instead. While I enjoy games, most of the apps I run are for making VR worlds and 3D content, so, like you, Pro is a better fit for Unity, Blender, etc. 

I downloaded the amd-software-pro-edition-22.q4-win10-win11-nov15 yesterday, yet after the install finished and I restarted, it got stuck with 2 black screens. Odd, so I rebooted again. When I launch "AMD Software PRO Edition" from the shortcut, which points to "C:\Program Files\AMD\CNext\CNext\RadeonSoftware.exe" , it comes up as Adrenaline edition 22.Q4 , the about screen shows (Adrenaline) version 2022.1025.1410.1936, though when I click on release notes, it directs me to which says it is PRO Edition, is this simply a cosmetic bug that's been overlooked for 4 months, or did I somehow end up with Adrenaline when I wanted PRO version? I'm thoroughly confused. 

PS: My GPU is an AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT with a AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 16-Core CPU.

Adept III

Did you happen to install DDU, boot into safe mode and remove all AMD drivers?  I would do so, install the stable pro drivers, then turn off auto update in AMD software, as well as windows update.  as far as future windows updates go, pick and choose them rather than let them attempt to update drivers which it does at times.

Louis Imbrogno
Linux Administrator/Application administrator
Dpt. of Army Civilian, former ET NAV submarines U.S. Navy.

Hello Darkness (my old friend...) apologies for brevity, when I said "uninstalled everything" I did indeed remove all traces of AMD drivers both Windows and vendor versions, as well reinstalled the motherboard software, case software, and Windows display adapters as "factory reset"