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Journeyman III

AMD software option will not launch

So, I know this has been asked several times because it seems to be a common issues. I have tried everything through forums and youtube videos ad now I just have a headache. So. I will try and list everything I have done to fix this issues which is: Radeon software will not launch. I like gaming, my gaming has been laggy and glitchy and I really would like some help with this.

I own a laptop, a Dell Inspirion . It has Intel Core i7 7th generation processor. The AMD hardware that came on it is R7 M440. Windows 10, everything has been updated and downgraded several times.  The laptop also has TrueColor on it which has been acting up as well with dimming and brightning the screen randomly. 

1. Yes, I have turned the laptop off and back on again

2. I have uninstalled and reinstalled

3. I have cleaned out the driver completely with AMD Clean utility and reinstalled

4.  I have cleaned out the driver using DDU and reinstalled

5. I have used a SFC run command

6. I have used DISM run command. 

7. Used AVG Driver update and AVG tune up. 

8. I have even reformatted my laptop.

The only thing I have not tried is changing the registry point. So if anyone has any other ideas, I am open to them because this is driving me crazy.

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Adept I

How ols is the laptop, from 2017/2018? Take it it has been running fine when new? When did the erros start?

Could be the laptop needs a good internal clean and maybe a repast of the appropriate parts.

Bought Lenovo y50-70 core i7 4710hq gtx870m (gaming) beginning 2014 and the gtx 870m died in end of 2017, outside warranty The laptop is still running fine and in use with the iGPU. Because of this I bought a Lenovo y520 i7 7700hq gtx1050 in 2017 and that one works/games without issues. The only thing I did was upgraded in to 16GB ram and do the occasional clean as dust does get inside.

I don't have a laptop with an amd graphics card but I was just pointing out that dGPU's can get hardware failures sometimes.