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Journeyman III

AMD Software keeps crashing


Just wondering if anyone can help. So I have a year old Dell G5SE Ryzen 7 laptop with AMD Radeon RX graphics.


I’ve been using it to play war zone really only, Then the last few months warzone would just close while playing and take me back to the desktop so a month ago I realised it was as I needed to update my drivers. So I downloaded the AMD software and when that’s installed it works fine but every 2 days the software gets an error and I have to uninstall and reinstall ….


Is this a known issue? Is there anything I can do to fix this?



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Adept II

It sounds like Windows Update automatically is downloading and overwriting your display driver from AMD (this is a known issue).
You need to manually remove ALL traces of old display drivers from your system and prevent Windows Update from automatically downloading and update drivers (this you will want to do manually).
Use a software like DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) to clean up and remove all the Display drivers in your system (it is a free software). Check the checkbox in DDU that prevents Windows Update to automatically download and install drivers from Microsoft.
After doing this download the latest display driver software from AMD (Radion Software) and install it now making sure Microsoft is not overwriting your AMD drivers.....
DDU Software for cleaning up your old Display drivers 


Thanks for this!


Did this the other day and I haven’t had to reinstall the AMD software so looks like it’s worked as it was everyday day or two I had to do it.


Still having problems with warzone though at times where the game just takes me back to the desktop, no error codes and not a clue why this is.




I've been using Windows since Win 95 and Pro variants since XP days. I'm currently using Win 10 Pro 21H1, yet I must be vary lucky or have developed a habit to how I update things as compared to the majority of other people without thinking about it. I haven't had issue's with drivers. My drivers do not get overwritten, but I do get an amusing issue when Windows says it's using the best and most current driver, thus I cannot overwrite the driver. There have been times in the past I didn't like an installer, thus extracted the inf, sys, dll's and such to use a inf to "side" install them. I'm unable to download drivers through the update process without specifically choosing them via the Optional updates section of the Update process. I've never known this was an issue otherwise. I am not doubting your reply, nor that your solution isn't correct. I am honestly baffled. Below is how I have to actively chose the drivers...OptionalUpdates.png


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Adept I

It's Usual thing
I become used to it after almost 2 years